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Cut From Different Cloth
       Sinatra's Tailor
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 ISBN: 978-1-938436-84-0

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I’ve  been called a “renaissance man” because of my un-orthodox career path. After earning a Master’s Degree in Communicative Disorders, I opened a successful practice as a speech pathologist. Ten years later, after seeing the movie Trading Places, I made an abrupt turn and became a stockbroker with E.F. HuttonThen, I took the advice of a rabbi who, upon hearing me sing, said, “forget about trading stocks! A man can’t have two masters. You should become a cantor.” I did and I am.


Although my careers have changed, my desire to write has not.  I’ve written several screenplays and I toured the country in 2009 as "Galileo" in a stage play I wrote of the same name. I enjoy telling stories about iconoclasts and people who inspire, sometimes altering the course of history.  I'm a motorcycle enthusiast, a sailor, an amateur astronomer, and an adventurer. Most of all, I love to travel with my wonderful wife of 46 years, Elizabeth.



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