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ISBN: 978-1-938436-84-0


 Sinatra's Tailor

An Italian Immigrant's Story

   "I was raised by nuns and Nazis!" he said.

    Somebody had to tell this story!

   "Steven Spielberg wanted to make a film about me, but my family wouldn't let him do it..." 

    "Why not?" I asked. 

    "Because they thought it would go to my head like it did when I became Frank Sinatra's tailor." 

     So began my first conversation with Umberto Autore, the iconic Italian tailor in business for over 60 years in Long Beach, California. Now, after many years of interviews and research, his inspirational story of survival and success can finally be told in this biographical novel that appeals to both young and mature adult readers.

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Sinatra's Tailor - Audible Sample edited

Stage Plays

Galileo 1610 | Mark Thompson


Four hundred years ago...

Galileo turned his telescope to Jupiter and the world would never be the same.

Could we get a glimpse into the mind of a man whose destiny it was to be the first human being to assault the heavens with a telescope and explain to the rest of us what he saw?


Go back in time and meet "Galileo" in this dramatic, musical production.


(WGAw  928974)

READ A SCREENPLAY based on the true story of Dutch philosopher, Baruch (Benedict) Spinoza.


Armed with a radical philosophy that pits reason against faith, an outcast Jewish heretic wages a dangerous battle against the superstition and religious oppression sweeping through 17th century Europe.

Book no.2
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